Welcome to CAM

We have built an unparalleled reputation on providing superior customer service while responding to the ever-changing dynamics of the Phoenix market. For over 35 years, CAM has managed all levels of multifamily assets through our integrated Multifamily Platform which includes property management, construction/repositioning, marketing and acquisition support.

With business relationships that span decades, we are well known in the industry for spending more time on improving property values and enhancing the resident experience at our communities. We are devoted to training our teams to be the best in the industry. Our people stay with us and grow with us.


Integrated Multifamily Platform

Partnering with a single partner makes life easier for everyone. CAM has spent the last 35 years creating the perfect line-up of services for our clients. All of our integrated services – covering property management, construction/repositioning, marketing, and acquisition support – are delivered locally by our team of industry pros.

A Reputation for Ability

When we say we have expertise in the Phoenix market, we mean it. We have been serving the Phoenix multifamily market for over 35 years. We have up-close-and-personal market intelligence, which allows us to be opportunistic in anticipating market opportunities and getting ahead of any potential market challenges.

Accessible Leadership

CAM has been designed with a flat organization structure – everyone at CAM, including our leadership team, is always accessible to our clients and associates. This structure allows us to collaborate at a higher level – with the decision-makers always at the table – to act on behalf of your asset more quickly.

Respect. Integrity. Excellence. Commitment. Knowledge.

These five values are the core of everything that CAM stands for. They define how we work with our colleagues and clients, and are a key part of our ongoing success.

Meet the Team

  • Mike Osselaer
    Mike Osselaer
    President & CEO
  • Jessica Green
    Jessica Green
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Krasi Mocko
    Krasi Mocko
    Director, Operations
  • Anali Moreno
    Anali Moreno
    Regional Manager
  • Ashley Shields
    Ashley Shields
    Director of Marketing
  • Joe Kasper
    Joe Kasper
    Regional Manager
  • Christina Haynes
    Christina Haynes
    Senior Accounting Manager
  • Christy White
    Christy White
    Director, Human Resources
  • Gracie Ramirez
    Gracie Ramirez
    Accounts Payable Manager
  • Penny Harman
    Penny Harman
    Accounting Manager
  • Deborah Grieger
    Deborah Grieger
    Senior Accounting Manager
  • Amy Luk
    Amy Luk
    Accounting Manager
  • Kelle Lederman
    Kelle Lederman
    Accounting Manager
  • Cheri Russel
    Cheri Russel
    Transition Coordinator
  • Angie Vasquez
    Angie Vasquez
    Maintenance Director
  • Hector Sanchez
    Hector Sanchez
    Project Manager
  • Arthur Butch Schertz
    Arthur Butch Schertz
    Construction Supervisor
  • Cynthia Grantham
    Cynthia Grantham
    Compliance Manager & Trainer
  • Belinda Lopez
    Belinda Lopez
    Compliance Manager & Trainer
  • Anca Sautiut
    Anca Sautiut
    Compliance Manager & Trainer

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